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Welcome to the art of Malcolm Myers...

Malcolm Myers is considered one of the greats in American Intaglio Printmaking.


He is widely recognized for revolutionizing the Art Department and developing printmaking at the University of Minnesota, where he began teaching in 1948.  As a printmaker and painter his work has been shown worldwide and can be found in famous collections both public and private.

Myers was a 1940 graduate of the University of Iowa, with a BFA in Fine Arts, followed by a Master of Arts in Watercolor. After a brief stint in the WWII military, he returned to Iowa to work with legendary printmaker Mauricio Lasansky, earning another MFA — this time in Printmaking.  


In the following years he would receive two Guggenheim Fellowships, working in Bill Hayter’s historic Paris Studio Atelier 17 alongside Joan Miró, and in Mexico City, where he interacted with Diego Rivera and friend Rufino Tamayo.  In the the following decades, Myers taught at the U of MN inspiring generations of art students and fellow artists across the US and Europe.

Malcom Myers left behind an incredible number of paintings and prints — a prolific creator in an artistic career spanning more than six decades.  Much of his art features lively animal characters, Jazz, musicians, and mythical figures, often blending together aspects of the real and fantastic.

Explore the galleries to see his work and be inspired!

Please contact us if you are interested in any of his work for your own art collection.

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